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Welcome to Peru and Miami County, Indiana, rich with history, breathtaking scenery and endless opportunities that will create memories to last a lifetime. Where else could you ride an elephant, sit in a cockpit of a historical aircraft, see a breathtaking circus performance, play a round of golf, enjoy wine tasting at our winery, take in history of the Miami Indians, Cole Porter and other historic sites all in one day. Miami County is “Where the fun begins”!

Our mission at the Miami County Tourism Office is to invite people to be our overnight guests and enjoy the various attractions and share the many facets of our heritage and culture.

The vision of the Miami County Tourism Office is to invite people to be our guests, enhance their visit and encourage them to stay overnight and to return to Miami County again in the future. This is accomplished by showcasing our heritage through museums and site locations, highlighting our family-oriented attractions, enjoying our festivals and building cooperation with surrounding communities.

In addition, it is essential for the Miami County Tourism Office to develop a community pride and gain the support of our local residents, thus cultivating a team approach to tourism development and marketing among locals.

It is our vision to maintain and improve the county’s image as a great place to visit, to attract and increase numbers of travelers and to increase tourist spending thus deriving the economic and social benefits of a prosperous tourism industry.

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